It’s Time to Tell a Better Story.

At Story Shine, Inc., we specialize in turning your story, experiences, and values into highly resonant and business-effective written narratives, from first-person bios and LinkedIn profiles to About Me pages, website copy, and high-conversion marketing resources.

It’s Your Story, We Make It Shine.

At Story Shine, Inc., we transform ordinary facts and disconnected details into compelling narratives that elevate the value of your work experience, business offerings, and brand.

Using a tried-and-tested 7-point process, even the most seemingly disjointed career path can become a cohesive story that builds trust in readers and makes you stand out.

You’ve already been living the story of your life’s work. We make that story shine.

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Telling Your Tale Makes Your Leadership Real.

When you share your story — with the world, a recruiter, or a colleague 10 years your junior — you model genuine leadership.

Why? Because where you’ve been, what you’ve overcome, and what you’ve created in your career exhibit a powerful and authentic example that others may choose to follow.

At the very least, telling your story helps others see that they’re not alone in what they believe and what they’re striving for.

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Don’t Just Make Noise, Tell a Story

In an attention-deficit era dominated by clickbait, fake news, and emotionally-manipulative marketing tactics, it’s never been more important for authentic, resonant, honest storytelling.

Your future customers, clients, and colleagues don’t want more noise, they want to experience a story worth listening to.

Using refined, eloquent, and honest storytelling principles, at Story Shine, Inc. we help self-starters, entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, consultants, authors, thought leaders, and business owners embrace transformative storytelling in an overwhelmed age.

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