Why Story?

Storytelling is an art as old as humanity.

The power within stories has been born of our nature as social creatures who innately understand that our survival hinges upon the collective. Even in an individualistic society with high ideals rooted in democratic opinion and single voices making big differences, evolution has hard-wired the human brain with a predisposition to working in unified groups toward shared goals that mutually benefit as many people as possible.

In this way, storytelling is even more democratic than voting at the ballot box once every four years.

The leaders who will bring about the greatest change in the 21st century will not be elected to political office. The most influential leaders of our age will be those brave, faithful and visionary enough to tell stories of the collective future that awaits us when we work together in compassion, harmony and love.

“As soon as I started reading my story, I knew that Dave had found my voice. He’s been able to get in my head and speak as if he were me.”Chip Rogers, Former CEO of The Eagle-Tribune

Recruiters have been contacting me nonstop thanks to my new and improved LinkedIn presence. I’m starting a new job this Wednesday! I have Dave to thank for that.”Raina Porecha, Commercial Loan Underwriter


At Story Shine, Inc., we unlock the secret code of the stories that you’ve already been living.


Then, we diligently turn them into powerful written narratives across a range of content channels.

Our copywriting and content marketing services are born of a profound respect and admiration of storytelling traditions throughout human civilization. Rooted in positive psychology principles and an unrelenting dedication to truth and honor over sensationalism and embellishment, at Story Shine, Inc. we distinguish our work with degrees of personal support, communication and commitment to client satisfaction that is nearly unheard of in today’s digital landscape.

Story Shine, Inc. does NOT…

  • Sell empty Skype calls called “coaching sessions” that tell you what you already know
  • Copy-pasted questionnaire entries into a one-size-fits-all template
  • Embellish résumés with sensationalism or dramatization of personal or professional experiences

Instead, Story Shine, Inc. is…

  • Story Shine is a creative partnership that blends one-on-one interview sessions and skillful writing to massage a LinkedIn profile, About Me page, company website profile or cover letter to life in 30 days or less
  • Story Shine is a spirited exposition of your life-path to date, written into physical documents and profiles that help you pursue your ideal professional future
  • Story Shine is an intimate examination of the core emotional-spiritual threads like values and guiding beliefs that are subtly woven throughout your work. We highlight those and share them with the world.
  • Story Shine is the conscientious creation of practical artifacts (like real written stories) that highlight your professional appeal and amplify your envisioned trajectory in your work, and in your life