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Set Your Career Trajectory with a New Story

  • Well-Trusted by executives, small business owners, coaches, and creatives since 2014.
  • Highly Experienced. 150,000 words of original story content produced for clients in the last year.
  • Our Words Seen Across: Psychology Today, INC, Forbes, CBS News Sunday Morning.

We’ll Help You Tell the Story You’ve Already Been Living.

You’re already living the story you want to be telling: a story of dedicated service in your work; a tale of hard work, perseverance, and overcoming. You care about your customers and clients. You’ve already been leading by example. But now, it’s time that the story you’re sharing with the world — on LinkedIn, your About Me page, or company profile — does some more of the talking for you.

Story Shine is our premier one-on-one professional writing service designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, coaches, and teachers who have been on the path of personal leadership and deep, trust-based service in their professional and creative lives.

By bringing your new narrative into the physical world with poise, grace, confidence, and personality, you can’t help but begin to feel more seen, honored, and appreciated.

Your new story may help you get recruited, hired, promoted, or start to land new client work.

If you talk to many of my past clients, that’s what they’ll tell you:

“As soon as I started reading my story, I knew that Dave had found my voice. He’s been able to get in my head and speak as if he were me.”Chip Rogers, Former CEO of The Eagle-Tribune

Recruiters have been contacting me nonstop thanks to my new and improved LinkedIn presence. I’m starting a new job this Wednesday! I have Dave to thank for that.”Raina Porecha, Commercial Loan Underwriter

Hold Up! This is NOT…

  • Empty coaching calls that just tell you what you already know about the importance of story
  • Copy-and-pasted questionnaire entries that get plugged into a standard, reusable, one-size-fits-all bio template
  • Resume embellishing, or creatively over-dramatizing your professional narrative

Our Professional Bios and Story Profile Service is…

  • A creative partnership that blends one-on-one interview sessions and our skillful writing process together to create one or more written story profiles that you can deploy across social media, your business website, or other materials that “do the talking for you”
  • A spirited exposition of your life-path and career trajectory to date, transformed seamlessly into elegant narratives that are not only compelling to read but help you to pursue your ideal professional future
  • An intimate examination of your core values, guiding believes, and the narrative centerpieces that are already woven throughout your life’s work — it’s our job to bring them out and highlight them for the world
  • The conscientious creation of practical, written stories, bios, and profiles — little monuments or story artifacts — in 30 days or less, that highlight your professional appeal and amplify your desired career trajectory

As you strive to live your best life and do work that matters, you’re already demanding a lot of your time and energy.

So the least you can do in support of your hard work and your desire to create an impact in the world is to have a good, authentic story waiting on the other side of those Google searches and inquiring eyes.

A precise, personal story that says where you’ve been and how that’s shaped where you’re going? That’s a story that works on your behalf.

A well-written, totally authentic story speaks to your core values, takes ownership of your beliefs as much as your perseverance, and speaks truth to how you’re living and leading by example.

We’re here to help you synthesize that authentic story into written form.

Our Work Seen Across:

The Resume is Dead. Tell a Story, Instead!

Our professional bios and story profiles service is half coaching, half professional writing: a 30-day ghostwriting incubator that turns your resume or CV into a dynamic, emotional, professional narrative that real humans will read, connect with, and remember.

Whether your story is to be used as a job application cover letter, on a LinkedIn profile, your company’s About Me page, or across a suite of digital and print publications, your new Story Shine profiles will do more of the talking on your behalf.

Designed and tested for maximum readability, resonance, and memorability, Story Shine, Inc. turns your professional prowess and unique personality into a compelling narrative that elevates your value perception.

The result? You doing more of the work you love.

In 30 days or less, you’ll be guided through a few interviews and witness your personal Story Guide gently uncover the magic and value of who you are, what you’ve achieved to date, and where you’re going in your career.

“I cannot recommend Dave highly enough to help you tell your story. And I say this as a very competent writer — and a professional storyteller! I have been paralyzed with fear about writing my own story for far too long. Dave washed away these fears. He put in the time, and he simmered and sweated the content furiously. The end result was a personal story that was inspirational, vulnerable, and one that I know will resonate with my target market. He fused my secret sauce with an unexpected twist that had me uncomfortable but ultimately liberated. Dave is part spiritual, part intellect and 100% heart. Get your own personal story done NOW!”Mark Truelson, Brand Storytelling Expert and Speaker (Melbourne, Australia)
“Dave really spoke the language of our brand, which is particularly unique and sometimes difficult to convey to an outside audience. We’re a small business made up of formerly incarcerated individuals. We own our pasts and have turned our struggles into our unique angle on the personal training market. Dave helped us communicate with our core people. We’re not an easy voice to tackle, but he communicated every one of our goals!”Coss Marte, Entrepreneur and Founder of ConBody (New York, NY)
“Dave was wonderful to work with. He immediately put me at ease and helped me identify the skills, beliefs, and passions that will make up my own LinkedIn profile. Through our conversations together he managed to create a bio for me that truly represents who I am. This was my first experience collaborating online with someone and I consider it a complete success. I have already recommended Dave to a colleague. The process was enjoyable from start to finish.”Lynn Hennigar, Former CEO and Publisher (Nova Scotia, Canada)

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Meet Your Personal ‘Story Guide’, Dave Ursillo

Dave Ursillo is a professional writer, multi-published author, and apprentice of shamanic storytelling, or the ancient art of transforming reality through honest and aspirational narrative construction. He is an 11-time author, a +10-year veteran of the blogging world, a public speaker, a creativity coach, and all-around word nerd.

And yet, Dave almost fell into professional storytelling work by accident.

Because of his skills as a writer and author, some friends and peers from the blogosphere began to quietly reach out to him looking for help with their About Me pages.

The truth is that the hardest story to tell is always your own — we’re all too close to our own stories to recognize the full value, uniqueness, and power of the stories we’ve been living — so Dave agreed to help these friends transform their words into meaningful narratives.

He quizzed them about what they wanted most in their work and why they wanted it.

Their stories began to shine.

Dave came to realize that his deep sense of empathy, his knack for therapeutic listening, and his precise awareness for the story beneath the story is a recipe for something magical:

  • From 2013 to 2015, Dave’s storytelling work was entirely supported by positive word-of-mouth referrals in a network of certified health coaches in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Northern Europe
  • From 2015 to 2016, Dave worked as the exclusive Story Coach of Storied, an internationally-acclaimed storytelling business headed up by story evangelist, Michael Margolis.
  • From 2016 to 2017, Dave wrote over 150,000 words of original story content for clients based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.
  • In 2018, Dave founded Story Shine, Inc., as a boutique professional writing house. He has hustled stories with heart and soul for former CEOs, “ex-cons” turned entrepreneurs, professional artists, thought-leaders, young and mid-tier professionals, nonprofit organizations and conscious businesses.

With Story Shine, in 30 days or less, you’ll have newly written story artifacts to spread across your online presence — from LinkedIn to your personal website, or even your latest job application.

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“Dave is an immensely talented story coach and writer. He was a go-to member of the Get Storied team for a couple of years, which I’m deeply grateful for. Our clients adore him! Dave’s always a joy to work with. As a devoted yogi, he works hard to bring people’s authentic story to life with grace, passion, and deep insight.”Michael Margolis, Global Storytelling Evangelist and Cultural Anthropologist (San Francisco, CA)

How It Works

Through a simple series of interviews and an inventory of your previous profiles, bios, and resumes, your personal ‘Story Guide’ begin to construct the narrative puzzle of your life, your career, your professional goals, and your vision for the future… all on your behalf:

First, your Story Guide and you get to know one another.

  1. You submit a no-pressure, no-obligation application. We want to meet you, first and foremost. Jump below and fill out a short questionnaire to tell us what story you’ve been living lately, and why you’re so keen to make your story shine right now. We’ll respond within 1 business day.
  2. We schedule a short introductory call. Getting a voice-to-voice is a great way to see how our energy, perspectives, and goals vibe. Over 20 or 30 minutes, we’ll detail the potential approach we can take with your story. We field all your questions.
  3. If we agree we’re an awesome fit to work together, we make it official. We set the terms of our work together, finalize the number of narratives we’ll create, and lock in your client space with a 50% deposit or payment plan.

Next, we begin the interviewing and story inventory process.

  • We schedule and host your first 1-hour video interview. You just show up and be you. It’s my job to do the interviewing. Sit back and answer my questions as we dive into a fun, open, meaningful conversation about the intersection of your past experiences with your present opportunities, plus an exploration of where you see it all going — short term, and long term.
  • Then, we have our second conversation (one week later). Allowing space for the interviewing process to breathe, we reunite a week later to rehash our first call, go deeper, and focus on the finer details of narrative tone, voice, and who you expect (and desire) to find your new narratives.
  • With interviews and inventory completed, I begin writing. Imagine me retreating into my own personal Darth Vader meditation chamber to start writing. Meanwhile, you just live your life. You’ll have a first draft to review in 1 week.

We finish by revising, reviewing, and editing your story to perfection.

  • Your first draft gets subjected to total revision and editing. Highlighted by a helpful reading guide with notes and explanations for the narrative flow, you provide feedback, note your first impressions, and maybe even invite your partner or best friend to have a read to see how “You” this feels. How did we do? How do you feel?
  • We pass the proverbial batton back and forth to massage the words to perfection. We embrace a spacious but disciplined process of tweaking words, shifting tone and making authentic decisions for two rounds of edits (per story) until you’re completely satisfied, and can’t wait to share your new story with the world.
  • That’s all, you’re finished! When applicable, we repeat this process for the next story format, and wrap the experience with personal takeaways in a final conversation before we e-hug it out and send you out into the brave new world!

Half detective work and half creative writing, at every step of the process you’ll feel personally seen, witnessed and honored as a human being — that’s more than can be said of other resume-building digital-sweatshops scattered across the web who view you as a dollar sign, not a soul.

In under a month, you’ll witness new written stories come to life — for immediate use across personal and professional websites, social media, and beyond.

Pricing & Package Offerings

Are you ready to make your story shine?

It’s so powerful to witness your career experiences, professional history, and expertise emerge in a single, cohesive narrative. When you see your story shine, you’ll celebrate in knowing that you’ve been on your path of purpose, all along.

Re-Story Your Past (1 Story)
Frame Your Career Path in One Cohesive, Compelling Narrative
One (1) 'Cover Letter' Style Story Shine Narrative (500 Words)
Two (2), 45-Minute Story Consultations with Dave Ursillo
Includes Two (2) Rounds of Editorial Revisions
Re-Story Your Present (2 Stories + LinkedIn Profile)
Orient Your Skills and Expertise Across Your LinkedIn Presence
One (1) 'Cover Letter' Style Story Shine Narrative (500 Words)
One (1) LinkedIn Profile 'About' Overview (2000 Characters) PLUS Five (5) 'Job History' Summaries (Up to 1000 Characters Each)
Two (2), 45-Minute Story Consultations with Dave Ursillo
Includes Two (2) Rounds of Editorial Revisions
Re-Story Your Present (5 Stories + LinkedIn Profile)
Showcase Cohesive Thought Leadership Across Platforms
One (1) 'Cover Letter' Style Story Shine Narrative (500 Words)
One (1) LinkedIn Profile 'About' Overview (2000 Characters) PLUS Five (5) 'Job History' Summaries (Up to 1000 Characters Each)
One (1) 'About Me' Page Narrative (1000 Words)
One (1) Twitter Profile (160 Characters) AND One (1) Instagram Profile (150 Characters)
Three (3), 45-Minute Story Consultations with Dave Ursillo
Includes Two (2) Rounds of Editorial Revisions

Not sure where to begin? Sign up for a 1-hour Story Shine Consultation with Dave Ursillo! For just $150, you’ll receive an on-the-spot diagnostic of your key narrative frames, and Dave’s personal recommendations for how to tell your story with greater resonance. It’s the perfect, low-commitment, high-value deep-dive into your story… plus, you’ll receive a complimentary $150 credit to apply to any future Story Shine package. Learn more or buy now.

Apply Now to Get Started

We’ve built the Story Shine process to be bespoke and intimate, which is why we only work with 2-3 clients at any given time.

Submit your application below to get started. We’ll respond within 2-3 business days, and schedule a short phone call to discuss your goals — all in a no-pressure setting.

We look forward to making your story shine!

Dave Ursillo
Founder and Chief Operator, Story Shine, Inc.

PS — You can always email us with any questions or to discuss any specialized needs or custom projects.


Heaps of Praise from Happy Clients

“Dave’s story process helped me realize that what I thought was a ‘disjointed’ career path was actually the perfect trajectory I needed to take to be where I am today. Now I can share that story.”Brandon Sutton, Cultural Strategist and Business Consultant (Atlanta, GA)
“Talk about WOW! When I saw my new story, I had a good cry, and then my partner and I did a happy dance!”Crystal Lahan, Professional Speaker and Life Coach (Los Angeles, California)
“After working on my story for 8 months, I finally got the help I needed from Dave. He made the process easy: he has a remarkable ability to see people and invite them into a conversation. He understood how to articulate what I had been trying to say, filtered out the extraneous to get to the core of my message, and offered it all with simple, evocative language in a tone I was comfortable with. My only question is, why did I wait so long to get his help?!”Jane Hawley Edward, Chinese Face Reading Consultant (Ontario, Canada)
“I am so grateful for Dave. He was able to put into words the thoughts that I had that I was never able to express on paper. Dave has the incredible ability to make you feel comfortable, which enabled me to truly open up and express myself. Sometimes you just need that push from a person from the outside and Dave is the one!”María José Morales Ballesteros, Spanish Interpreter and Teacher (East Greenwich, RI)
“One of the best things about working with Dave was being invited into his personal mindset as a teacher and writer — something I respect and try to emulate. We accomplished all of my goals in an extremely tight deadline. Now, I have a deeper understanding of my story and how I can communicate it to others. He guided me in a fun, patient, kind, steadfast, and peaceful manner.”Darla Dallas, Office Professional (Keller, Texas)
anian“Dave is a genius when it comes to choosing the right words to help others to express themselves authentically. As a proud storytelling client of his, Dave helped me tie the big themes of my life together in a brilliantly-told story. He made my message more resonant with my audience. I have more clients than ever before. Dave constantly surprises and impresses me with his creative ideas, and how he pulls a written story together for clients is no different. I can’t thank him enough!”Ania Nowicki, Nutritional Expert and Results Coach (Soest, The Netherlands)
“Dave is a great listener and writes an awesome bio that makes you sound like a relatable person that your future team will see themselves wanting to work with. As he writes, he strips away all the calcified ‘corporate speak’ to reveal who you really are and what personal qualities make you shine — things that can’t be replicated. I enjoyed the personal touch Dave uses to handcraft a personal bio that’s as unique as a fingerprint. Work with Dave, you’ll love it!”Raina Porecha, Risk Management Professional and Commercial Underwriter (Modesto, CA)
“As soon as I started reading my story, I knew that Dave had found my voice. My first reaction was, ‘He knocked it out of the park.’ Dave has been able to get in my head and speak as if he were me.”Chip Rogers, Former CEO and Publisher (Boston, MA)
benaz“I was so impressed by the story that Dave created for me that I spent the whole day reading it! The story is wonderful. As English is my second language, I depended on him to articulate the pieces of my history and business goals that I struggle to communicate at times. Dave is very, very good at what he does! His storytelling process will change how people see, appreciate and understand your work. Thank you, Dave!”Ben Azevedo, Web Design Entrepreneur (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
olwen“My About Me page was just sad. I knew I needed to revamp it, but Dave went way further. He truly made my story shine and, in the process, his storytelling process helped me pinpoint how to speak to my ideal clients (who I didn’t even know I was looking for before he discovered them!). He was right on target, and able to articulate my thoughts about my work in my own words. Three words: He. Gets. It!”Olwen Wilson, Wellness Coach and Yogi (Ontario, Canada)
“Dave. Wow. Reading through this, I am speechless. You’ve conveyed everything that I’m feeling and more! I love what you’ve done with my story. From beginning to end, my story has such an authentic flow and I could not have possibly asked for anything better! Thank you so much!”Serena Misquez, Authenticity Coach (Arizona, USA)
robl“I’m blown away how you’ve managed to bring together so many seemingly unrelated, disparate pieces of my story to fit a common theme. I felt so absorbed as I read my story that I forgot it was mine! Thank you so much for your investment in the Story Shine process and the care you have taken.”Rob Lawrence, Audio Producer and Podcast Coach (United Kingdom)
muitsun“Wow! I love my new About Me page! It’s been such a mess for such a long time, and I couldn’t be happier (or more proud) with how I feel putting my story on display now. As a businesswoman, presentation matters — and I know that new clients will find me far easier after today. You’ve done a great job. Thank you, Dave!”Mui Tsun, WordPress Ninja and Business Mentor (Norwich, United Kingdom)
lawrence-m“Dave, I love my new About Me page — it’s really good! You tied together all the themes that I needed to communicate from my past health experiences to my mission in the world today. That’s no small feat! Thank you, Dave, for all of the work you’ve done.”Lawrence Mitchell, Health Coach, Wellness Advocate and Entrepreneur (Sydney, Australia)
“I truly loved working with Dave! His insights on storytelling come from the heart, and it shows: he’s a great interviewer and listener, and the space he held helped me witness the evolution of my own story. I’d recommend working with him if you are looking to understand and evolve your story.”Robin Holland, Coach and Brand Consultant to Creatives (San Francisco, CA)