About Us

Story Shine, Inc. is a boutique creative agency founded and chiefly operated by Dave Ursillo (DaveUrsillo.com), a Rhode Island-based writer, author, coach to creatives, former yoga teacher, professional writing guide, and practitioner of transformative storytelling.

At Story Shine, Inc., we help clients navigate all their front-facing communications needs from story profiles and bios to the language and copy throughout their websites, and other marketing, branding, or communications needs that requiring strategic messaging written with equal parts care and proficiency.

In an age in which attention spans are short and competition has never been higher, we believe that an efficient, memorable story cuts through noise and creates lasting bonds of trust.

Our work primarily delivers story profiles for clients’ use across all print and digital platforms, including:

  • Personal story profiles and professional bios
  • LinkedIn profiles and all other front-facing social media profiles
  • About Me pages, Work With Us pages, and business website copy
  • Marketing and branding materials, including customer and client avatars
  • Job application cover letters
  • Author bios and public speaker introductions
  • Bespoke content such as policy reports, opt-in materials, marketing content, and more

The written narratives that we construct are bespoke and born from an intimate collaboration process with our clients, which begins with you sitting in an effortless seat of “the interviewee.”

Through a short series of direct-line interviews with your designated Story Shine Expert, from just a couple of hours of meaningful dialogue, we begin to build out a rich “story inventory” from clients’ own mouths, all in your instinctive and preferred language.

Then, we set out to begin our initial drafting process. You’ll be presented with our expertly crafted first-drafts of your new narrative content, usually within 1-2 weeks.

Because it’s your story and you know it best, we invite our clients into our editorial process at every turn, thereafter.

While you can remain as hands-off as you prefer, we at Story Shine, Inc. believe that it is extremely important to actively involve our clients and your perspectives, opinions, preferences, and even hesitations and questions, into our editorial and revision process.

With transparency and openness, we want you to have the final say in each and every word choice, description, or turn-of-phrase in your story.

Our Origin Story

Story Shine, Inc. dates back to 2013 when founder and chief operator Dave Ursillo was increasingly sought out by peers and clients in the online space for help telling their stories with authenticity, professionalism, and expert proficiency.

Because of his established skills and experiences as a writer and author, Dave started to become a looked-to resource on personal narrative storytelling and modeling leadership by example, using nothing more than a true story of one’s own experiences, personal beliefs, professional credentials, vision for the future, and desires for future customers and clients.

Word-of-mouth spread, and dozens of health coaches, business coaches, creative entrepreneurs, aspiring authors, and young professionals gravitated to Dave for help with their written narratives, including story profiles, About Me pages and website copy, and social media profiles.

The hardest story to tell is your own. That’s because we’re oftentimes “too close” to our own stories to recognize the value, originality, and qualities of perseverence in the experiences that we’ve had.

Our stories are all we’ve ever known, so it’s easy to take them for granted.

From 2013 onward, Dave began to help these service-minded professionals recognize the value, impact, and power of personal storytelling.

As he transformed their experiences, goals, dreams, and missions of service into meaningful narratives, their stories began to shine, and their businesses began to flourish.

  • From 2013 to 2015, Dave’s storytelling work revolved around word-of-mouth referrals in an expansive network of certified health coaches and small business owners that spanned the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Northern Europe
  • From 2015 to 2016, Dave was recruited to become the first and only certified Story Coach of Get Storied (now Storied), an internationally-acclaimed storytelling business founded and led by anthropologist, author, and story evangelist, Michael Margolis.
  • Over 2016 and 2017, Dave personally created more than 150,000 words of original story content for dozens of clients based in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.
  • In 2018, Dave founded Story Shine, Inc. to represent a growing platform not only in professional storytelling and content creation services, but with a growing desire to teach and share strategic storytelling to advocate for policy change on pressing social issues including justice system reform, climate change, immigration and refugee rights, and urban renewal and revitalization, amongst others

Today, Story Shine, Inc. clients include former CEOs and executive-level professionals; public speakers and budding thought leaders; young- and mid-career professionals amid career transitions; artists, advocates, and yoga teachers; nonprofit organizations and restauranteurs, and beyond

Perfecting your narrative is what helps you to do more of the work that you love.

It’s your story. We make it shine.

“Dave is an immensely talented story coach and writer. He was a go-to member of the Get Storied team for a couple of years, which I’m deeply grateful for. Our clients adore him! Dave’s always a joy to work with. As a devoted yogi, he works hard to bring people’s authentic story to life with grace, passion, and deep insight.”Michael Margolis, Global Storytelling Evangelist and Cultural Anthropologist (San Francisco, CA)

Our Vision for the Future

In shamanic traditions of old, it was believed that telling a new and different story — a story of a vision for what the future could be, as a leader or change-agent might do — actually begins to reformulate the present moment so as to better birth that envisioned future.

At Story Shine, Inc., we believe in the narrative power of storytelling as a force for creating change in the world, one message at a time.

On an individual level, stories comprise our entire lives. Everything from our worldview to our self-perception and our beliefs about “what could be” in our lives are comprised of stories.

Storytelling is the most natural and human process of creating context, relevance, and understanding, through which other human beings may unite, create a shared vision, and work together to make the world a better place.

Despite the power of storytelling being what it is, in today’s world, the stories we tell are increasingly taken for granted:

  • In the post-truth era, power-brokers and politicians across the globe are demonstrating a persistent willfulness to manipulate bases of voters using deceptive and dishonest tactics to erode democratic institutions for the sake of consolidating personal power, influence, and extreme wealth
  • Those who are dedicated to objective truth and creating positive change in the world are urgently called to counteract mass-media manipulation and selfish deceptions by telling more effective, resonant, and compelling stories
  • In the age of Twitter and social media, people at large have forgotten that impulse reactions, emotional overreactions aired out loud, and
  • The now-socially-acceptable propensity to broadcast anger and outrage and criticism has created a culture of deconstructive narratives, where people feel more comfortable broadcasting passive aggression or direct aggression over dreams, hopes, desires, and constructive visions for the future
  • These toxic emotional frequencies are propelling record levels of stress, anxiety, social distrust and disharmony throughout the developed world, through which all human communication efforts are now suffering

How has this all come to be?

We believe that 13th-century poet and philosopher Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, also known as Rumi, said it best when he wrote:

“The words we speak become the house we live in.”

While the power of our words and stories has largely been taken for granted today, we at Story Shine, Inc. believe in the power of story as a resource of personal and social change.

That’s why we’re actively advocating for more responsible, more healthful, and more constructive storytelling on all levels, from the individual to corporate and small business to national governance and international diplomacy.

Our advocacy initiative — which spans teaching materials, free resources, public speaking gigs, corporate consulting, and strategic messaging work with social influencers and policymakers in America — intends to bring about a renaissance to authentic, earnest storytelling in the modern age.

Whether you are trying to change the world or running a small business of one, the stories that you tell recreate the present moment around you.

In the digital age, written stories have the power to “talk on your behalf,” and create trust in other people who may not have even met you, and invite them into your mission, your services, and product offerings, and your platform as a whole.

Story is the difference between creating change and making noise.

At Story Shine, Inc. we tell stories on behalf of the future we all want to share with one another.

We work in support of the future you’re dreaming of, and envisioning, and feel so driven to create.

Let’s create it together.

Let’s Work Together

We specialize in handling even the most complex of narrative details with confidence, compassion, and understanding.

From intimate and vulnerable details of a personal story of healing and transformation to considering all the nuances of high-stakes, high-pressure environments in business, government, and media, we at Story Shine, Inc. go to excruciating measures to shape persuasive but highly delicate messages that analyze every word choice and label, while also incorporating big-picture considerations like social perceptions and messaging trends in the culture.

Whether your story is deeply personal or spans society, nobody cares as much about crafting the perfect story for your mission, message, or goal than we do at Story Shine, Inc.

Taking a holistic approach to strategic messaging, believe in applying deep mindfulness and professional integrity to every story that we bring to life.

Whether your written narratives are intended for business purposes across digital platforms in the modern age, or policy reports and briefing materials before complex multi-stakeholder meetings, Story Shine, Inc. has got you covered.

Check out our content and bio writing services now, or inquire with us today for a custom project or quote.

Even if you just want someone to talk to about your story, reach out today by emailing team@storyshine.com.

We look forward to storying with you!

Dave Ursillo
Founder and Chief Operator
Story Shine, Inc.